We'll Smooth Out Your Stump Problems

Choose us for stump grinding services in Westbrook, ME

Are you tired of navigating around tree stumps when you're mowing the grass? Is that dead tree stump ruining the appearance of your property? If you've got a stump lingering on your lawn, contact the stump removal experts at Andy's Stump Grinding Services. We offer stump grinding services and stump removal services as a bundle to completely remove the tree, roots and all. We're happy to serve homeowners and commercial property owners in Westbrook, ME.

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Say goodbye to unsightly stumps

Stumps are more than an eyesore. They can also:

  • Be difficult to mow around
  • Host insects and unwanted pests
  • Sprout new growths
  • Take up useful landscaping space

We don't stop at stump grinding services. We completely remove the stump and the roots. If you'd like us to remove the leftover wood chips, fill in the hole and plant grass, we offer these as additional services upon request.