Leave it to the stump removal experts

If you've had a tree removed recently, it's important to schedule stump grinding services as soon as possible. Dead stumps in the ground...

  • Will rot and can spread disease to other plants in your yard
  • Are a tripping hazard and can injure your guests or family
  • Can become a nest for annoying and destructive pests

It might not seem like a big deal to leave a stump sitting in your yard. But they can cause several problems down the road. Maintain a flawless and safe landscape by letting our stump grinding company remove the tree stump along with its roots.

Don't Let That Stump Hang Around

Hire our top-rated stump grinding company in Westbrook & Gorham, ME

Maybe you've recently had a tree cut down on your property. Or maybe there's just a random stump leftover from the previous property owners. Either way, let Andy's Stump Grinding Services remove the stump, roots and all. We offer residential and commercial stump grinding services in and around Westbrook & Gorham, ME.

Contact our stump grinding company today to schedule residential or commercial stump grinding services.