Enjoy a Clean Slate With Stump Chip Removal Services

Serving clients in and around Westbrook, ME

Once a tree stump has been completely removed, you're often left with a pile of wood chips and an empty hole where the roots were. At Andy's Stump Grinding Services, we'll let you choose whether or not to keep those wood chips to be reused. For those who want the chips removed, simply ask to add on our stump chip removal services.

Contact us today to add stump chip removal services to your stump removal in Westbrook, ME.

Rethink your landscape design

Stump debris removal is just as important as removing the stump itself. The wood chips that are left over from stumps being removed can be reused as:

  • Landscaping mulch
  • Fire starter
  • Walking paths

Not interested in reusing those wood chips? We'll remove them for you. With a clean landscape, you'll have the opportunity to plant new things where the stump use to be. After our stump debris removal services, you can turn your landscape into a picture-perfect oasis.