Improve Your Landscape With Our Help

Arrange for tree stump removal services in Westbrook, ME

You deserve to have a flawless landscape that's free of eyesores and easy to maintain.
Andy's Stump Grinding Services can make this happen by removing unsightly stumps entirely and planting grass over the removed tree stump. We offer competitive prices for our tree stump removal services and strive to make your lawn look like the tree never existed.

Schedule tree stump removal services with us in Westbrook, ME.

Start again with a blank canvas

When we're done improving your landscape, you'll have more room for things like:

  • A children's playset
  • A campfire area
  • Garden beds

Stumps are not only ugly to look at, but they're also hosts for pests and insects. Protect your landscape and hire our team to remove the stump completely. Once its removed and filled in, you'll find us planting grass over the removed tree stump. Before long, it'll be as if there were never a tree there to begin with.